Building A Computer For 3D Rendering

3D Rendering computer mandurah

Building a good computer for 3D rendering can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. What components are important and which are not? It is an exciting and ever-growing field. The entire process of turning 2D and 3D models into animations and images is truly exciting, but it does require the proper computer equipment. Whether […]

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Repair or Replace Your Old Phone? How Do You Decide?

phone repair perth and mandurah

Your smartphone is a vital object to own. Often times, we cannot bear the thought of throwing it away even if it’s old, cracked or broken. We are so used to having it with us and we rely on it for tasks like directions, emails, and news. Even when we’re not busy, it occupies our […]

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review, It is a really really good laptop for the money. It starts at nine hundred bucks, and it’s packed with just great performance great specs and a really good design. It’s obviously been inspired by Apple. Inspired is a gentle word, but it looks a lot like Apple laptops. They’ve done […]

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How To Remove Viruses and Service Your Computer

virus removal mandurah

Computer Viruses, Pop ups and annoying programs are a thing of every day computing life for some people, But it doesn’t have to be. After working with computers for 20+ years we have found the tools and tricks to rid your PC of viruses and get it running like new again! We have put together […]

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BlueBorne Attack, What to know and how to stay safe

BlueBorne is the latest form of security threat to come to light in recent weeks and its effects could be devastating. Whitcroft IT has the tips to help you stay safe until your Bluetooth device is patched. What is BlueBorne? Bluetooth is one of the most popular wireless communications standards. The technology is found in […]

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Tips for Selecting the Best MSP for your IT Business

Two people discussing at a table

If you are an IT professional, then you should understand the importance of managed services these days as they are the key to the success of every business. Here, we will be sharing a few important things about choosing the right Managed Services Provider (MSP).   They should offer 27/7 support You will need to […]

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Recovering Lost Data on a PC

Hard drive close up

Have you accidently deleted important files off your computer? If you have, don’t worry, because we’re here to help, even after you’ve ‘emptied the recycle bin’ or if your hard drive just stops working. You can also check out our data recovery service here. Here, we will be sharing a few things that will help […]

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Why Your Computer Hates You

So, you think your computer hates you? Here’s a couple of reasons why that may be so: 1. You don’t clean it. Now, this one’s obvious; cleaning your computer often can improve its performance or even make it quieter. That being said, I don’t mean just cleaning your computer from the outside, I mean cleaning […]

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Easy Tips To Computer Repair

computer repair mandurah

Even though there are many things that could go wrong with your computer, there are some easy ways to know what is happening inside your machine. HARD DRIVE Data is something we underestimate because we think is safe stored in our computers but anything can happen and when it does, it happens when you never […]

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