BlueBorne Attack, What to know and how to stay safe

BlueBorne is the latest form of security threat to come to light in recent weeks and its effects could be devastating. Whitcroft IT has the tips to help you stay safe until your Bluetooth device is patched.

What is BlueBorne?

Bluetooth is one of the most popular wireless communications standards. The technology is found in lots of mobile devices such as Windows, IOS and Android, smart phones, smart watches, car radios, IoT devices, digital assistants and much more. In total, nearly 5.3 billion devices are vulnerable. The BlueBorne attack allows a hacker to take control of a bluetooth device, access any data or connected networks, create a bot net, access personal information and much more. It can also infect itself and malware to nearby bluetooth devices.

How can I stay protected?

Perhaps what’s most alarming about BlueBorne is how it works. The fact that a target device doesn’t need to visit a specific website, download an infected file or even pair with another device to become a victim. So long as Bluetooth is enabled, a hacker can gain access and wreak havoc. Worse yet, all of this can be done without a user’s knowledge. How to stay protected is fairly simple. Until your device is patched, You will need to turn your bluetooth off. This should be common practice in a crowded place. However if you’re not using it then its best to leave it off all the time anyway.


I want to know more about BlueBorne

If you want to know more about BlueBorne, affected devices and more, Then head over to the Armis website as they have a full white paper on the attack. If you think you’re infected or want to get your systems cleaned up, Then head on over to our services page.

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