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Even though there are many things that could go wrong with your computer, there are some easy ways to know what is happening inside your machine.


Data is something we underestimate because we think is safe stored in our computers but anything can happen and when it does, it happens when you never expect it to. To ensure that your data is safe its always good to have back up services in your computer which can really safe you when you are in a pinch. The main question you should be asking yourself is “when should i replace my hard drive?” as they don’t last forever, there are signs that you can check for to ensure its safe. The primary one is to make sure there is no clicking sounds in your PC because if its coming from your computer, then its time to pull out your data and get a new one or even upgrade to a more stable Solid State Drive. Another things to look for will be if your computer is running slow and there isn’t any signs of viruses, when a hard drive starts failing it will take longer and longer to read files making the computer run very slowly.


Everyone knows how dangerous the internet can be when it comes to online security but there are a few ways to know if something is going wrong. When your computer gets infected there are many ways it can manifest itself, the most popular ones are in the way of pop ups, normally this can be rid of by closing the page but they will persist in the system, other infections may run programs in the background making your computer slow down when it isn’t supposed to, and the last one is if something just isn’t quite right. If you have been using your computer for a long time and something doesn’t feel right then there may be problem with your computer, if you experience any of these issues its best to take your computer to a repair store that has the service available to take care of the virus.


The famous blue screen of death! This screen can be quite intimidating to look at when you are not sure what is causing it, but to give you an idea of what may be causing this problem i will go through the mayor causes. Now, if the screen has showed up on your PC definitely take it to a experience repair store because this may not be a problem you can repair.
The blue screen of death is created when there is a critical error on your computer which causes a crash, most of the screen have a code which may help with the repair but the code may relate to something which its not specified on itself. The mayor causes of “the blue screen of death” is the Hard drive disk failing because it is damaged mechanically, the operating system (Windows) has some corrupted files that is causing it not to be able to proceed and the worst case scenario, the computer hardware is failing which would need replacing.


I hope this gives you a bit more of an idea into the world of computer repair, this are just a few extracts about only a few of the problems we repair here at Whitcroft IT. Don’t forget that if your computer is experiencing any of these problems it will have to be looked at by yourself, if you are confident, or taken to a computer repair store.


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