What happens if i don’t want to go ahead with a quite i was given?

Here at Whitcroft IT we believe that if your device wasn’t fixed when we hand it back to you then you shouldn’t have to pay. This does exclude some cases like jobs that require an inspection fee and others similar scenarios.

How quick will my job be done?
The turnaround time depends on how busy we are at the time of drop off, we do value your time and make a note with every job to complete them as soon as its possible. Jobs are completed in order received, with an express option available if you need to skip the queue.
Mobile devices have their own separate bench from computers and are also done in order of arrival.

What if something goes wrong to my device after the repair?
We try our best to help you with any issues, when you bring the device to us if it is related to the repair we have done in the past then no extra charge will be given but if the device needs extra repairs that may have occurred after the repair then extra charges will be quoted, we always keep you in mind as a loyal customer.
Standard parts and labor have 12 months warranty while mobile repairs have 3 months warranty. Check T&Cs or give us a call.

I am not able to get my device to the store, what do i do?
This issue is no problem when you go through us, we offer a great on-site experience which includes one of our experienced technicians driving to your home and repairing your device/s, also we are able to fix any software issues you may have by doing a remote support service. If you want more information regarding how we can help please dont hesitate to call us.

I need a specific component but you don’t have it in stock.
If you are not able to get what you need in any of our stores, we are more than happy to order a specific item for you and give you shipment options with quick turnarounds on the delivery if required.