How To Remove Viruses and Service Your Computer

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Computer Viruses, Pop ups and annoying programs are a thing of every day computing life for some people, But it doesn’t have to be. After working with computers for 20+ years we have found the tools and tricks to rid your PC of viruses and get it running like new again! We have put together a list of the best virus removal tools (in our opinion) and what they do.

You often hear people say “your computer needs a service”, But what does that actually mean. In the industry, Computer servicing can have multiple meanings, however it usually relates to the software side of computing. So when they say your PC is being serviced, They usually mean they are going to remove all viruses and pop-ups from your PC.

Virus Removal Disclaimer

While we have taken all care in our virus removal guide, THINGS CAN GO WRONG. Please be sure before you proceed, You have a backup of all your important files! Lets begin! We will be revolving around Windows 8/10 in our guide. As good as you think Windows 7 may be, It is an old operating system and we will not be covering it in this guide. The basics are the same but some Windows specific tricks for virus removal will be slightly different.

Getting Started, Speeding Up Startup

The first thing to do when you start working on your PC is to get a blank piece of paper and a pen. Put it in front of you and record everything you do with the machine. This way if something is removed from the PC that shouldn’t be, you can easily refer back to what needs to be reinstalled. We will start by checking the computers current state by recording the boot time and what applications are starting with the PC.

Start by removed unnecessary start up programs. To do this in Windows 10 right click on the Start Menu > Task Manager and then select the tab Start Up

Right click an item to disable it in this screen

Here you can normally go ahead and disable everything to speed up your startup in Windows 10, However most virus applications will be using a service instead. Be careful disabling things that relate to external hardware here (headphones, mice, keyboards) as that might affect the 3rd party functions. After you have disabled some start up items, then restart the computer.

What Programs For Virus Removal

While there are literally thousands of programs that will remove viruses, This is a list of the best ones that have had a lot of success and praise from the community. I have posted these programs in the order that I usually run them in. Simply download from the links provided and run the programs in most cases


Adwcleaner is one of the most effective programs in the business right now for removing Adware, Toolbars and potentially unwanted programs. It is also one of the most simple applications. 99.9% of the time you can load the program, Hit Scan and have a quick glance to make sure its not going to remove any critical file, And then you click Clean. Its that simple. You will have to restart after this. We will move onto the next application…


Yet another application. This one focuses more on Virus and Malware removal. This one takes a lot longer to run simply because it will scan over every file. Highly regarded in the community for removing Viruses and speeding up your PC. A very small program and the free version works perfectly fine.


CCleaner is a little bit different to the other applications we posted. This program will go through the registry, temporary files etc and remove all the junk from the background. It is one of the ONLY true registry cleaners out there.

What After Virus Removal?

After you have run all these applications. You can check out removing unwanted software by going to the “Programs and Features” section. Keeping this clean and the old junk off your computer helps. Also look for anything obscure that resembles the pop ups you were getting (Slimware is a big one to remove). Also double check your browser extensions and make sure there is nothing fishy in there.

How to prevent Virus Removal again?

One of the BEST ways to prevent getting viruses, adware and spyware on your computer is to just be aware of what you’re clicking. One application that is highly recommended to use is simply Google Chrome with the AdBlock Plus Extension. This will stop ALOT of the junk popping up on most websites. No matter if its home or commercial computer repair this guide will help you! However AdBlock Plus may interfere with some content on some sites.

That’s it for this guide. We will be posting more Windows related content soon, Happy reading. If you have ANY questions regarding virus removal, Then post them below and we will do our best to help you.

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