Repair or Replace Your Old Phone? How Do You Decide?

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Your smartphone is a vital object to own. Often times, we cannot bear the thought of throwing it away even if it’s old, cracked or broken. We are so used to having it with us and we rely on it for tasks like directions, emails, and news. Even when we’re not busy, it occupies our time with social media and the many different apps.

How then can we bring ourselves to replace this gadget we love so much? Most people will prefer to walk around with a cracked screen than bear the thought of mobile phone repairs. On the other hand, there are many people who will not hesitate to replace their mobile devices as soon as they have a slight crack in the corner of their screen.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your old or damaged mobile phone.

When Your Phone Is Unusable

When your phone is so old that you cannot use it, it’s time to replace it. Even if you are completely attached to your phone, consider it beyond repair and start deciding which phone you want to own next. There is no use owning a nonfunctional phone because the whole purpose of it is to make your life easier.

Consider the Cost Implications

Always consider how much repairs might be. If the cost to repair your phone exceeds the cost of a new phone, then it’s easier to replace your old phone. A minor issue such as a cracked screen is something worth repairing, however, multiple software and hardware issues might warrant the decision to buy a new phone. It will be easier, convenient, and less time consuming to start off with a new model.

Fear of Missing Out

Every year, phone manufacturers are introducing new models into the market. Our friends and colleagues are constantly upgrading to the latest models leaving us feeling outdated and left out. Is this really a valid reason for you to replace your mobile phone? Sure, there’s no problem in upgrading to a new phone if you have the money but basing this decision on what others are doing might be the wrong move. If it is still functional and less than two years old, it would be expensive to replace your phone for a newer model who’s only selling point is a new shape.

Your Phone Has Little Storage Space

Our phones carry some major files, from videos to music and applications. Having little storage space on a mobile phone is frustrating as you have to constantly delete or move files from your device. Thankfully, most smartphones today have more than enough storage to fit what’s required. However, if you find that the phone you are currently using is running out of space, you don’t have to buy a brand-new phone. You can easily buy a memory chip that will help enhance your phone’s storage capabilities to give you the extra space you need.


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