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Whether you live in Mandurah, Rockingham or elsewhere in the world, WiFi has become an essential part of your daily life. Even the poorest and the most underdeveloped countries use WiFi routinely. Most people don’t know what WiFi is and the “magic” it uses to connect you to the Internet. And most people do not need to waste their time figuring it out. 

Here in Mandurah, you can rely on the excellent service of people who already have it worked out. We can easily turn your place of work or your home into a wireless hotspot. You will be able to add any new gadget yourself and easily connect to the Internet with your own secure password. Having a wireless connection will give you mobility to move anywhere you want with your device and not worry about dragging wires.

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What Wireless Connections Can You Provide?

Depending on your wireless connection needs, there are many options and price ranges we can work with. If you just need a wireless connection for your home or a stronger network for your office space, we can set it up for you. Most of the time you will need a modem and a router to connect you to the Internet. There is an abundance of products out there to choose from. How do you know what to use? Instead of learning all about the latest and ever-changing technology, let us figure out your needs and decide on the best fit for you.

Wireless Point to Point

In a case where running a cable is not an option, but demand on your wireless network is still great.  We can set up a wireless Point to Point capability to connect multiple sites. When you are looking for long-range capability but still reliability for your wireless network, we can set it up for you without fail. With a wireless Point to Point bridge, you will be able to share files, video, and sound across your network. It is can be long range if necessary but you don’t have to sacrifice security and privacy of your information. There are other advantages of wireless Point to Point over fiber optic cable.

These advantages include not only high speeds and dependability but also easy network management.  And, point to point offers fast and easy installation and versatility. We have the best options for you here in Mandurah when it comes to wireless network setup.  Whether you are looking for just setting up a simple WiFi router for your home, or setting up a vast network for your business.

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